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Gü Puds

About the wonderfull world of Gü

James Averdieck, Gü’s founder, came up with the idea for a top-notch chocolate pud brand when he was working in Belgium and fell in love with the local patisseries and their chocolate.

He then met Perry from Big Fish who helped him brand the range and together, they sneakily slipped some Gü sample boxes on to the shelf of the local supermarket and watched shoppers grab them immediately. It was a triumph!


So, Gü was launched with three products in 2003, and subsequently joined by its fruity sibling, Frü, which followed two years later. And in May 2010 the two brands joined forces under the name of Gü.
It’s estimated that a Gü pud is now eaten somewhere in the world every 2 seconds.

So with our mousses, soufflés, chocs, cheesecakes, melting middles, tortes, brownie cakes, nibbles and naughties we’ve created a whole new world of chocolate extremism that’s strictly for adults. Sit back, relax and indulge yourself in our decadently delightful delicacies.

For more information link to: www.gupuds.com