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Dee’s Wholefoods

Deirdre Collins, Dee, created Dee’s Organic Omega Burger at the very beginning in her own kitchen, she always wanted to work for herself and just knew that people were tired of boring food and additive laden products. But she had to prove this so she set about preparing, cooking and feeding hundreds of people around the country!

She traded in her car for a van and prepared burgers each evening after work to sell at farmer’s markets and festivals and the result was…everybody loved them! So, she decided to quit her job, develop packaging and sell them into supermarkets. It was a big decision to make but she soon started small selling into a few independent stores. An appearance on Dragon’s Den helped her to break into the larger supermarkets. After her appearance on Dragon’s Den customers were queuing up to buy our burgers in stores. Vegans and coeliacs were especially delighted with tasty food.

Customers wrote her lots of letters asking her to develop the range, so she soon added a tasty veg pots, quinoa pots and a range of veggie sausages. She always felt that a really delicious sausage could be tasty, vegan and healthy too.

If everybody makes a conscious effort to eat more plant-based foods the benefits for our health, our planet and our future are unparalleled.

Eat green, eat clean and enjoy!

For more information, please visit www.dees.ie or visit the Facebook page of dee’s